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Weddings in your back garden

Whats not to love about wedding in your back garden.

Its convenient, intermit, creative, some would say sharing your home with the family and friends, above all budget friendly.

There are many advantages of hosting a backyard wedding, one of which is having the freedom to get creative, make your dream wedding happened in your back garden.

Weddings in your back garden just like working with blank canvases, like an empty and sprawling lawn or landscape, to transform into a wedding venue, the ability to build the venue the way you want it,So let your creativity run wild with inspiration from elegant, formal looks and statement entrances to romantic tablescapes and natural décor, find your own caterers can create that heater of food which bring wow factor to your tables.

barbeskews have done so many backyard weddings and events over the years, now its sort of a trend and money saving, budget friendly idea among couples. We have done small intermit typee tent weddings to large gatherings in fields with acres of land and farms around you where you have perfect photo opportunities to capture beautiful views. When you have the freedom to create your dream on your special day without any restrictions then you can enjoy your day to the full.

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