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Spark food is all about Garden to plate

Our herb garden is getting ready for new comers as so many herbs enjoy the same conditions that they make natural companions and putting all your flavourings together, chefs love to pick their favourites a stone's throw away.

Chefs, it is felt, are unwilling to stray too far to pick parsley.

Local, seasonal

From the botanical garden at Jamavar in Mayfair to the garden-to-plate ethos at The Pig, chefs are finding their inner Monty Don and growing their own produce. With ‘dug today’ spuds and ‘picked today’ berries,

Booths supermarket has caught the bug, too. we are very interested in the environmental impact of growing and transporting food. An exciting result of this is a resurgence of artisan growers cultivating interesting varieties like monk’s beard and salsify. 2020 being a big year for beautiful British vegetables & Fruit, West Sussex is full of pick your own place you can visit if you don't have your own place to grow, all garden centres getting busy around here with gardening enthusiasts.

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