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Wedding Breakfast


The Centre Piece Menu


On the Table
Fresh Baked Chewy White, Focaccia bread + Butter


Sharing Starter Platters


Selection of Continental Meats to Include Prosciutto Ham, Milano Salami, Chorizo + Black Forest Ham, marinated

Olives and Hummus



Selection of Prosciutto Ham, Chorizo, Smoked Mackerel, Marinated Artichokes + Sun blushed Tomatoes and Creme Fresh



Vegetariano (v)
Selection of Chargrilled Marinated Aubergine, Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Bell Peppers + Sun blushed Tomatoes, Marinated Olives + Hummus


Bruschetta selection
Selection of delicious grazing bruschetta

Black Olive Tapenade & herb Dressing (V)

Picante Tomato Salsa with Rocket Pesto (V)

Roast Mediterranean Vegetables with Feta cheese (V)




The Centre Piece - Main Course Boards

 [sample menu]

Coal Roast Mature Rump of Beef + Maldon Salt + Thyme Served with Horseradish crème fraiche + bearnaise sauce


Fired Lamb Rump, Lavender + Rosemary + Garlic Served with Roast Pepper, Tomato Sauce + Minted Yoghurt


Rotisserie Grilled Chicken thyme + Garlic
Served with Guacacasa Sauce + Roast Pimento Dip
Crispy Pork Belly + Citrus + Maldon Salt
Served with Dijon crème fraiche + Honey, Sesame + Soy Dressing


Grill Roasted Scottish Salmon, Ancho + Garlic + Lemon Served with Herb Garlic Salsa + Citrus Yoghurt


Cauliflower Steak Coal Grilled (V), Thyme Za'atar + Olive Oil Served with Soft Herb Dip + Roast Pimento Sauce


Aubergines roasted (V), Hard Herbs + Garlic + Pomegranate Served with Black Garlic Hummus + Lime Coriander Yoghurt


[sample menu]

Please Choose 3 from the list:


Herbed buttered New season Potatoes

Roast Broccoli + long beans + Garlic

Asparagus + Green Beans + butter (seasonal)

Roast butternut Squash + Smoked Paprika + Garlic

Zucchini Fire roasted, Mint + Thyme
Sweet Potato, Soft Herb Cous Cous , Cumin + Black Garlic

Classic Potato Salad, Dill + Mayonnaise + Red Onion

barbeskews Spiced Mushrooms, Chilli + Paprika

Zingy Coleslaw, Chilli + Mint + Vinaigrette

Classic Coleslaw, Red, White cabbage + Mayonnaise + Herbs

Baby Pasta, Sun Tomato + Basil + Mozzarella Salad

Tomato, Sweet Pepper, Avocado + Olive Oil + Oregano Salad

We can also provide canapes and sharing desserts menu


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